Goals for the No New Demand Journey

For 1 year, I will try to:

  1. NOT buy any new “stuff” for myself or for my kids. If I must purchase something, I will ask the following questions:
    • Can I borrow someone else’s?
    • Can I buy used?
    • Is it to fix something we already own?
    • Will the item assist me in living a more sustainable lifestyle?
    • Will our life depend on it?
  2. Recycle more
  3. Find new uses for current, underused items
  4. Buy used when necessary
  5. Fix items when they are broke
  6. Examine our way of living to assess whether there’s a more earth-friendly way to do things


This part feels narcissistic, but if you must.

  • My name is Lindsey and I have 3 sons who will be joining me on this img_1605-2journey. My husband is supportive, but this isn’t his thing, so I let him be.
  • I try not to share too many details about my kids (including photos). Get used to seeing the back of their heads. Their story is theirs to share when they choose to share it.
  • I’m sarcastic and not sure how well this will be translated / received to readers.
  • I am not an expert… on any of this. I am learning as I go. Maybe we can stumble through this together.
  • Expect contradictions. I’m human and it’s complicated. I love organic gardening, but I freaking love fast food occasionally. Go figure.
  • I’m pretty average. I don’t say that as a bad thing. We live in the suburbs and own a third of an acre lot. I have pipe dreams of homesteading and living off the grid, but that’s not going to happen. This journey is also about loving what you have and making it work.
  • Cut to the chase. I solemnly swear to present my topics in as few words as possible to get the point across.
  • Any additional bullet points would violate this ^^^^